Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I went to a community dinner in Jonesville, NC hosted by Theo of Theo's. Thanks to Theo and his family for showing so much love to the community.  I went with several of my friends from the apartment complex where I live.  We had great food and good conversation.  I have developed, since my trip to New Orleans, tingling in my wrists.  It is either neuropathy or carpel tunnel syndrome from using my hands to to building in New Orleans or from putting constant pressure from doing repetitive work.  I am not for sure which it is.  Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends, family and associates.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Work

I started the day off with trying to get some paperwork filled out for a neighbor for changing homecare companies, got that achieved.  I then started working on getting tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I think that my friend Lisa, her husband and myself are going.  I am so excited. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Presbyterian Disaster Relief-More Light Presbyterians-All About JOY!

A sign of hope and renewal.  Yes God is WONDERFUL.

These are the houses that Brad Pitt and Angelina are building, eco-friendly, sustainable low cost energy efficient and flood resistent housing at low cost on land that the city wanted to build on, instead a community is save.

Americore Volunteers that Worked on the Dedicated House.

It was explained to us that the husband in this picture has lung cancer and they were so happy to be back into their house.

This is the Meaning of LOVE me and the Proud New Home Owner

This Is the House Dedication

Yesterday I learned how to lay tar paper on the floor of a house that is being recovered from Hurricane Katrina.  Why does it take so many years to try to help others?  We rode around and saw where there are numbers written on the houses during the flood to tell how many people were found in the houses alive, dead and if their pets were found and what their status was.  This is terrible.  I choose not to spend much time thinking about what went wrong and try to think about what we can do better now to help these people.  We have stopped and talked to many people in their neighbor hoods.  Wow....What devastation these people have gone through.  One group with us is tearing houses down.  Others are patching houses up.  Yesterday I learned so much about tar paper.  A full day of laying it was enough lessons on that.  Today I got lessons in GROUT.  The tiles had been laid but you have to put the grout around them.  That was fun.  Thanks so much to Michael Adee for being such a loving spirit.  My life has truly been blessed by knowing him and his loving nature.  I am his little brother, as he says.  This trip was important to me to try to give back to the people of New Orleans and to show them love and to share my spirit with them.  So many have given of their time and of their spirit to help.  Next year I plan to bring 2 people with me to help.  There is power in numbers.  I want to thank the members of the Elkin Presbyterian Church in Elkin, NC for their love and support of me to come on the mission trip.   I could not have done it without you.