Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Medicinal Use of Marijuana.

How does hemophiliacs use of cannabis help with pain control? Many of the hemophiliacs use it for pain control rather than the enjoyment of getting high. What states have legalized where the access is available? What states have bills that are up for passing for the use of medicinal use of cannabis?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Pain Clinic

The pain clinic will turn you into a Zombie. They make you take pain medicine whether you need it or not. Then they drug test you to make sure you are goofy. I am glad all of that is over. I am thinking and remembering things again. Alive and Awake.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Medical Marjuana Update For Those With Hemophilia

Here are some links that I posted before and some new ones about the use of Marijuana for people with hemophilia to treat chronic pain. https://www.marijuanadoctors.com/content/ailments/view/34?ailment=hemophilia-a"> https://mjwellness.com/how-can-medical-marijuana-help-with-hemophilia-a https://www.reddit.com/r/Hemophilia/comments/.../medical_marijuana/ www.hemophiliafed.org/resource-library/toolkits/pain-toolkit/ http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2016-03-16/review-finds-mixed-success-with-hemophilia-treatment">http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2016-03-16/review-finds-mixed-success-with-hemophilia-treatment http://www.georgiahealthnews.com/2016/04/state-officials-patients-await-federal-ruling-marijuana/">http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2016-03-16/review-finds-mixed-success-with-hemophilia-treatment">http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2016-03-16/review-finds-mixed-success-with-hemophilia-treatment http://www.georgiahealthnews.com/2016/04/state-officials-patients-await-federal-ruling-marijuana/ www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/310534.php Here are some lins that may help you decide about the pros/cons of cannabis to treat hemophilia patiens.

New Hemophilia Prodcuts

Are people scared to try new products. I know that us older guys may be hesitant and for good reason. I personally am going to do a trial after I had been adamant about not trying any new products. https://www.hemophilia.org/Researchers-Healthcare-Providers/Medical-and-Scientific-Advisory-Council-MASAC/MASAC-Recommendations/MASAC-Recommendations-Concerning-Products-Licensed-for-the-Treatment-of-Hemophilia-and-Other-Bleeding-Disorders">https://www.hemophilia.org/Researchers-Healthcare-Providers/Medical-and-Scientific-Advisory-Council-MASAC/MASAC-Recommendations/MASAC-Recommendations-Concerning-Products-Licensed-for-the-Treatment-of-Hemophilia-and-Other-Bleeding-Disorders Maybe this will help sort out some of the choices that you can ask your healthcare provider to discuss with you. Curtiss (copy and past please)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Loss of a Blood Brother

We lost a BB a 2 weeks ago. He was ok the 2 weeks before that and we were hanging out at an event. It happens but it is hard to accept. Reid

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


When you have something that makes you sad.....just remember you have a toothache. It brings you back to reality.