Friday, July 8, 2016

Pain Clinic

The pain clinic will turn you into a Zombie. They make you take pain medicine whether you need it or not. Then they drug test you to make sure you are goofy. I am glad all of that is over. I am thinking and remembering things again. Alive and Awake.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Medical Marjuana Update For Those With Hemophilia

Here are some links that I posted before and some new ones about the use of Marijuana for people with hemophilia to treat chronic pain.">">">"> Here are some lins that may help you decide about the pros/cons of cannabis to treat hemophilia patiens.

New Hemophilia Prodcuts

Are people scared to try new products. I know that us older guys may be hesitant and for good reason. I personally am going to do a trial after I had been adamant about not trying any new products."> Maybe this will help sort out some of the choices that you can ask your healthcare provider to discuss with you. Curtiss (copy and past please)